Set the mood.

Simply seeing your artists on stage is not enough.
Atmosphere is everything and modern lighting opens up
possibilities to craft any visual scene.
Use it to engage the audience and draw their attention to
your predetermined focal point; light your backdrop;
playback intelligent lighting cues to create amazing effects;
control the DJ decks and let the music control the lights;
or simply add a hard edged follow-spot to your stand up show.
LED Technology now increases the amount of lighting that
can operate effectively with a minimal power source.

  • Moving Heads
  • Scanners
  • Conventional & LED Parcans
  • DMX Controllers (Hardware or PC Based)
  • Wireless DMX Systems
  • Profile Spots
  • Followspots
  • Haze, Fog & Low Lying Fog
  • Trussing
  • DJ Effect Lights
  • Star Curtains, Dancefloors